President’s Letter – Lisa Doll – April 2016

Happy Spring, It is hard to believe that we are on the downhill side for the school year.  We hope your last few weeks of the school year are rewarding


President’s Letter – Stephen Weltsch – December

Dear ACTEAZ Members, It is difficult to believe that it is the middle of December! I am inspired by the accomplishments our members have made in what seems like such

President’s Letter – Stephen Weltsch – Welcome

Dear ACTEAZ Members, Each of you will make meaningful differences in the lives of young people this year; not only will you provide students with career-ready skills, but you will

President’s Letter – Doris Wojtulewicz – June 2013

Please join me in recognizing and honoring the great loss of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. ACTEAZ sends our deepest sympathy and gratitude to their families.  Our sympathy is also with

President’s Letter – Doris Wojtulewicz – March 2013

According to John A. Daly1, “advocacy means persuading people who matter to care about your issue”. Using this definition, we in CTE have been very busy advocating these last weeks.

President’s Letter – Doris Wojtulewicz – February 2013

Welcome to February. It is National CTE Month and the month of Arizona’s Mid-Winter Leadership Conference in Prescott. We have just concluded our 13th annual ACTEAZ/ACOVA Mid-Winter Leadership Conference in

President’s Letter – Doris Wojtulewicz – January 2013

  Happy New Year and welcome back to second semester! Charles Sykes once wrote something to the effect that in the real world, life isn’t divided into semesters, there are

President’s Letter – Doris Wojtulewicz – December 2012

  Perhaps it is because I returned home from Atlanta and ACTE Vision 2012 in the middle of the holiday season, but I find myself with two recurring thoughts. One

President’s Letter – Doris Wojtulewicz – November 2012

November Letter

President’s Letter – Doris Wojtulewicz – Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter