About the Ambassador Series

The fourth series in the Arizona CTE Leadership Continuum is the Ambassador Series. The Ambassador Series is dedicated to educating stakeholders external to CTE about the value and importance of CTE. As a profession, we recognize that many individuals outside of CTE can affect the success of our enterprise. These include parents, students, school administrators, school board members, state officials, and the general public. We believe that the opinions these people hold of CTE are our responsibility. Towards that end, we have an obligation to educate these individuals about CTE.

Educating external stakeholders takes many forms. It certainly includes CTE presentations at education, parent and business conferences. It also includes CTE marketing and public relations efforts. Further, it includes in-depth training for non-CTE educators such as school counselors who play such a pivotal role in student course selection.

This series is currently under construction. It includes CTE presentations with handouts, a series of career development courses for counselors, public relations collateral material, and more. These materials are available through the Arizona CTE Leadership Continuum landing page.

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