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Message of the Day

“We are looking for ways to decrease the dropout rate. I am pretty sure, if we eliminate Career and Technical Education, we are going to increase the dropout rate.”

Michael Enzi, United States Senator

President's Letter

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From the Desk of Julie Stockwell

Dear ACTEAZ Members,

Thank you for your commitment to educational excellence and student success every single day.  This past year was an outstanding example of what can happen when we mix committed educators, a powerful delivery system for education, and an entire community of business and industry partners together to support one cause—the financial support of Career and Technical Education.

Executive Director's Letter

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From the ACTEAZ Executive Director

Dear ACTEAZ Members and Friends,

Sometimes when life gets busy, we tend to forget to thank those that matter the most; therefore, I would like to publicly thank: Shelly York, your Assistant Executive Director, Mary Anne Berens our Director of ACTEAZ Premier Series, and Tony York, our Technology coordinator, for their outstanding service and loyal dedication to our state association, acting on our behalf year after year.

Arizona Legislative News

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Great News for Arizona JTEDs and CTE

The Association of Career Technical Education of Arizona wants to thank all the many partners for CTE (Career Technical Education) for their unwavering dedicated leadership efforts to create the synergy for all working together with the Arizona State Legislature and Governor to pass SB 1525 to restore the JTED Funding in Arizona.