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Message of the Day

“The skilled trades are the hardest jobs to fill in the United States, with recent data citing 1,019,000 jobs open in the trade, transportation and utilities sector and 315,000 jobs open
in manufacturing.”

ManpowerGroup, Talent Shortage Survey Research Results, 2015

President's Letter

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From the Desk of Julie Stockwell

Dear ACTEAZ Members,

The school year has kicked off celebrating with CTE educators and students gaining some much deserved recognition.  From all corners of the state, every day, these young people and the adults who are giving them the skills to move into a successful future are making a difference in the economic future of our state.  The day to day work of teaching and learning is challenging and never-ending, but at the very same time, it is also among the most rewarding work many of us have ever done.

Executive Director's Letter

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From the ACTEAZ Executive Director

Dear ACTEAZ Members and Friends,

Sometimes when life gets busy, we tend to forget to thank those that matter the most; therefore, I would like to publicly thank: Shelly York, your Assistant Executive Director, Mary Anne Berens our Director of ACTEAZ Premier Series, and Tony York, our Technology coordinator, for their outstanding service and loyal dedication to our state association, acting on our behalf year after year.


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ACTEAZ receives Quality Association Award

ACTE National is happy to announce that Arizona has been selected to receive the Quality Association Standards (QAS) Award this year! Congratulations to the ACTEAZ Board of Directors and Members who have contributed so much to our state association and Career Technical Education.

We are proud to say this is our 12th consecutive year of ACTEAZ earning this award.

Thanks again to everyone for all that you do.