Affiliate Websites and Program Breakdown

If you’re unsure about which affiliate you would pertain to, please click the plus sign (+) buttons below to see each affiliate’s program areas.

AATA (Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association)

AATA (Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association) - The Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association is an organization that provides leadership and professional development opportunities for Arizona Agricultural Educators. We are a diverse group of individuals who pride themselves on their passion, dedication, and family-like inclusion.

Program Areas:

    • AgriScience

ABEA (AZ Business Education Association)

ABEA (AZ Business Education Association) - Being a member of ABEA means being a member of a professional association designed specifically for Business Educators. You will find opportunities for professional development and networking to help develop yourself. 

Program Areas:

    • Accounting
    • Digital Photography
    • Film and TV Production 
    • Finance
    • Hospitality Management
    • Network Security
    • Software and App Design
    • Technology Devices Maintenance
    • Digital Animation
    • Digital Communication
    • Graphic Design

ACOVA (Arizona Career Technical Education Administrators)

ACOVA (Arizona Career Technical Education Administrators) - ACOVA is the professional association whose mission is to build community, advocacy and leadership for Arizona Career and Technical Education (CTE) Administrators.

AZME (Arizona Marketing Educators)

AZME (Arizona Marketing Educators) - AZME was created to improve communications between local Marketing programs; the Arizona Department of Education; vocational and academic personnel within all schools; professional organizations; the state institutions of higher learning; and others within our communities interested in Marketing education.

Program Areas:

  • Finance
  • Hospitality Management
  • Marketing
ATIEA (AZ Technology and Industrial Education Association)

ATIEA (AZ Technology and Industrial Education Association) – The Arizona Technology and Industrial Education Association (ATIEA) is an affiliate organization of ACTEAZ. ATIEA is dedicated to supporting and advocating for Arizona technology and industrial education CTE programs, teachers, students, and industry to enhance the workforce. The organization hosts various events throughout the year and supports student scholarships and development opportunities to promote. We are proudly affiliated with the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE and ACTE-AZ) and the International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA).

Program Areas:

  • Communication technologies
  • Transportation technologies
  • Industrial technologies
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Engineering
  • Information technology
  • Human services (fire fighting and police science) at the pre-secondary, secondary and post-secondary levels.
AZHCEA (Arizona Health Career Education Association)

AZHCEA (Arizona Health Career Education Association) - Arizona Health Careers Education Association (AZHCEA) is an Affiliate of ACTEAZ. The purpose of AZHCEA is to provide leadership in developing an educated, prepared, and competitive health career workforce in an ever-changing society. We aim to promote high professional standards among members through leadership and professional development. This association also seeks to expand and improve the quality of health career education programs in Arizona using our proven delivery system. The delivery system includes health career technical education and academic instruction, classroom and laboratory instruction, work-based learning, and personal leadership development through full integration of a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO).

Program Areas:

    • Dental Assisting
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Laboratory Assisting
    • Medical Assisting Services
    • Medical Records Technologies
    • Nursing Services
    • Pharmacy Support Services
    • Home Health Aide
    • Mental and Social Health Technician
    • Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
    • Therapeutic Massage
    • Veterinary Assisting
    • Bioscience