Program Goals

The main goal of the Fellowship Program is to assist you in developing your teamwork, leadership and advocacy skills while also demonstrating how to most effectively apply those skills to benefit CTE through ACTEAZ, affiliate associations and legislative channels. You will also be able to take these skills back to your school district in order to affect positive changes in your CTE programs and your own professional career.

Goals and skills the Fellowship Program will assist you to:

  • Create a professional network at local, state-wide and national levels.
  • Develop strong teamwork, leadership and advocacy skills.
  • Demonstrate and explore ways to further your involvement in policy making in CTE at local, state and national levels.
  • Learn and develop methods in creating and facilitating CTE courses and sessions for further professional development.
  • Learn how professional organizations, such as, ACTEAZ, ACTE and your affiliate association can help advance CTE in your school district.
  • Learn ways to connect with industry leaders and form partnerships involving CTE related programs and courses.
  • Communicate and brainstorm with your Fellows’ class in developing service learning and action research projects.
  • Develop a knowledge base of CTE legislation and CTE program related statistics to share with your school district, legislators and stakeholders.

ACTEAZ is committed to the Fellowship Program. We are constantly updating the program to best suit the current and sustainable needs of our Fellows, our association, our affiliates and CTE at the local, state and national levels. We encourage you to apply for the Fellowship Program so that we can assist you in creating and reaching both your goals for CTE and for your own professional career. We also encourage you to share this program with other CTE professionals in your district and affiliate associations. Become a Fellow and let our continued success become your success.