CTED Information

In 1990, the Arizona Legislature enacted statutes that allowed the State’s public school districts to form Career and Technical Education Districts (CTED’s) for the purpose of improving career and technical education (CTE). Since then, 14 CTEDs have formed throughout the State, and 101 school districts have joined a CTED thereby becoming CTED member districts, leaving only five school districts that offered CTE in fiscal year 2016 not part of a CTED. CTE in Arizona is delivered through one of three models—at CTED central campuses, at CTED member districts’ satellite campuses, and at school districts that are not part of a CTED (non-CTED districts). As of the 2020-2021 school year, CTED’s served and supported close to 155,950 CTE students and provided CTED member districts’ satellite campuses with over $157,135,000.00. For students attending a CTED central campus program, 74.32% were retained the following year and 97.31% passed their CTED central campus classes.