Our Vision

The Vision of ACTEAZ is for all CTE Educators, Administrators and Counselors across the state of Arizona to become ACTEAZ members and to provide them with:

  • professional and leadership growth opportunities
  • creative ideas and statewide networking
  • access to local and national companies for products,
    career applications and community outreach
  • a forward thinking organization that will continue to
    grow and promote CTE at local, state and national levels.

ACTEAZ is a national leader, working with the ACTE national organization to become a stronger voice in legislation and policy making. Networking with other state CTE organizations allows the sharing of cutting edge best practices from across the country. ACTEAZ also serves as a model for other state organizations in areas of management, professional development and leadership training. These professional partnerships forged across the nation create a stronger network, and therefore, a stronger and united voice for CTE.

CTE is a powerful form of education that will help bring our students into the workforce as a competitive and adaptable asset thus providing our CTE youths and adults with the skills needed to further their growth and development for years to come. It is the goal of ACTEAZ to help you in all of your efforts to bring about a better and brighter future.