Fellows’ Responsibilities

The Fellowship Program is a two-year commitment and as a Fellow you will be responsible for meeting the following requirements:

  • Attend the ACTE Summer Conference and participate in the various Fellows’ activities and other networking activities.
  • Attend and observe a minimum of three ACTEAZ board meetings per year.
  • Attend Virtual Fellows Check-Ins
  • Attend each of the following CTE related conferences once a year over your two-year term as a Fellow.  These conferences include the:
    • ACTE Summer Conference (in state)
    • Midwinter Leadership Conference (in state)
    • Fall Retreat (in state) (Required)
  • We highly encourage you to attend these events at least once over your two-year term as a Fellow (not required):
    • National Policy Seminar (out of state)
    • ACTE National Visions Conference (out of state)
    • Region V Conference (out of state)
  • Attend various study sessions planned around CTE and Leadership Development (Optional)
  • Develop and complete, in a Fellows group, a service learning or CTE related project.
  • Present a conference session at the ACTE Summer Conference in your final Fellow year.
  • Participate in conference sessions at the ACTE Summer Conference and Midwinter Leadership Conference as well as promote scholarship efforts at these events.
  • Assist in planning and facilitating study sessions for first year Fellows once in the role of being an experienced Fellow.
  • Pursue leadership positions within your affiliate association and ACTEAZ.
  • Encourage other CTE professionals to join ACTEAZ, their affiliate association and ACTE National as well as inviting  them to join the ACTEAZ Fellowship program.
  • Be a judge at an Arizona CTSO event (highly encouraged, but not required)

As you engage in the Fellowship experience you will have the assistance of your Fellows’ class, a Fellow mentor and your Fellowship Program coordinator. All activities are designed to build, develop and showcase your teamwork, leadership and advocacy skills. We look forward to working with you over your two-year term and beyond.