2019 Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information:

The ACTEAZ Scholarship is non-renewable (meaning this scholarship is a one-time award).

  • The scholarship will be payable to the educational institution identified by the applicant.
  • The scholarship amount can range from $500.00 – $2,500.00 based upon the available funds and the number of scholarships the committee agrees to award.


To be eligible to receive an ACTEAZ Scholarship you must:

  • Be a student who is enrolled in a recognized Career and Technical Education program at a high school (from Funding Priority List) OR
  • Be a student who is enrolled in a recognized Career and Technical Education program at the post-secondary level (may include CTE Teacher Preparation Program)
  • Be nominated by a current ACTEAZ member (ACTEAZ Members may nominate a maximum of two students)
  • Have not previously been awarded a Scholarship by ACTEAZ

Selection Criteria:

Scholarship recipients will be selected using the following areas of criteria:

  • CTE Involvement
  • School and Community Involvement
  • Essay Responses
  • Nominating Letter

Online Application


The following documents are required so make sure to have them before you begin:

  • Unofficial Transcript
    • High School Students must show the previous five semesters
    • Post-Secondary/University students must show grades for at least 12 semester credits and must also submit their high school graduation transcript
    • Courses listed in your application should be highlighted on the transcript
  • Letter of Nomination from a current ACTEAZ member (one page maximum)
    • Letter should describe how the Nominator has worked with the student
    • Letter should include the student’s involvement in CTE (might include classroom, laboratory, CTSO, WBL, advisory councils, etc.)
    • Letter should also discuss student’s potential for success in further education
  • Assurance Signatures Form (Download form, get signatures and then upload when completing your application).
  • Electronic Photo
    • Resolution of 300pixels or Image Size with a minimum 5” width
    • The applicant is to be the only person in the photo and dressed professionally. (No T-shirts)

Incomplete application packets will not be considered. If any of the information is considered to be false, the application will be disqualified.

Decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.

Please note that applications must be complete and include all required documents to considered by the scholarship committee.

DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted by February 18, 2019.

If you have questions, please contact Nicole Hampton, Scholarship Committee Chair at scholarships@acteaz.org.

ACTEAZ reserves the right not to award scholarships or to award scholarships in a lesser or greater amount in any given year. The ACTEAZ scholarship is non-renewable (meaning this scholarship is a one-time award). Former recipients are not eligible to apply.