Dear ACTEAZ Members,

Each of you will make meaningful differences in the lives of young people this year; not only will you provide students with career-ready skills, but you will send students to post-secondary learning with a purpose. What a legacy and what a responsibility! Please know that your professional association – ACTEAZ – stands ready to support you in this critical work.

ACTEAZ is committed to assisting you with professional development through the Premier Series Program and various conferences. Additionally, we are also devoted to sharing your stories and advocating for Career and Technical Education. Our collective goals for the 2013-14 year include:

  • to support CTE teachers for the purpose of instructional excellence and student achievement through the Premier Program Series.
  • to build systemic support for CTE through focused statewide advocacy and outreach.
  • to grow CTE leaders through Affiliate support and the Fellows Leadership program using intentional and planned guidance.

It is an exciting time for Career and Technical Education. There is continuously growing data that supports your work and efforts – CTE increases student engagement, promotes student achievement and strengthens student transition to post-secondary learning. Thank you for your passionate commitment and unyielding work. Our schools and communities are better because of your good efforts.

ACTEAZ looks forward to serving you during the 2013-14 school year. Please feel free to call upon us if we can assist you in any way.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Weltsch
ACTEAZ President 2013-14