General Information

Applications for the 2024-2025 Fellows Program are now open! Click here for more information. 

ACTEAZ is committed to support our members and CTE in all their goals for success. At the same time we recognize the essential role members, committees, volunteers and the Board of Directors play in the success of our association. Their efforts, expertise and leadership provide a strong foundation that leads to our continued growth and development.

With this in mind ACTEAZ developed the nationally acclaimed Fellowship Program. Each year ACTEAZ is pleased to offer the opportunity for you to become more involved in your professional association. The Fellowship Program provides members a unique insight into the workings of ACTE, ACTEAZ, and all our affiliate organizations. Those selected to become a Fellow will attend a variety of conferences and professional development events designed to increase their understanding of the policy making processes associated with career and technical education at the local, state, and national levels. Through this specialized training program, candidates develop the leadership skills to become effective members and advocates of Career and Technical Education. Our hope is that with this training, Fellows will advance into positions of leadership within the affiliates, ACTEAZ and ACTE.

The Fellowship Program selection process takes place in spring and consists of a selection committee composed of current ACTEAZ Officers and Fellows which will identify the new Fellows. The most important criteria will be the candidate’s Letter of Application, their Current Issues Statement and their ability to provide the documentation of support from their local administration. Once the selection process is complete, new members will begin their training with an in-service session for the purpose of preparing them for the activities they will participate in as Fellows.

We welcome you to apply to become an ACTEAZ Fellow. This is not just a program designed to make you advocate, but a program designed to assist you in learning the skills it will take to grow with CTE and influence its continued success.