West-MEC Staff Donates School Supplies to Sonoran Sky Elementary

Submitted by Adriana Parsons.

Teachers and administrators at Sonoran Sky Elementary in the Pendergast Elementary School District welcomed a surprise donation of school supplies. Employees from the neighboring high school Career and Technical Education district, West-MEC, collected learning supplies such as notebooks, glue sticks, calculators and protractors to donate to the elementary school.

West-MEC Superintendent Greg Donovan delivered several boxes of supplies to the school and was greeted by Administrative Secretary Gladys Ivory and other front-office staffers.

“We couldn’t be happier,” said Ivory. “We have a real need on our campus and this will bring a lot of joy to our kids.”

Close to 700 students attend Sonoran Sky Elementary. The school’s Comet Caught Shining Program, coined after their comet mascot, rewards students who make a difference on campus.

“The donations are perfect prizes for the program. The lined paper will go quickly in the middle school classes,” said Ivory.

West-MEC started collecting school supplies from personal staff donations in the winter and scheduled their delivery for the spring.

“There are often back-to-school drives in August and teachers have been rationing supplies from the beginning of the school year; we wanted to make sure our donation was made during the time of the year when resources are limited, said Superintendent Donovan. “These students are in need of adequate classroom supplies to facilitate learning throughout the entire school year.”

Western Maricopa Education Center, known as West-MEC, is an overlay district providing Career and Technical Education programs and services to twelve school districts in the West Valley. Pendergast Elementary School District is a member of West-MEC.