West-MEC Receives AdvancED District Accreditation

Submitted by Adriana Parsons.

Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) will be recommended for District Accreditation through the AdvancED Accreditation Commission. The international accreditation recognizes West-MEC and its innovative Career and Technical Education programs as a high-quality school system. Accreditation helps ease the process of credit transferring, provides greater access to federal loans and scholarships, and assists in the educational system’s commitment to raising student performance and accountability.

As part of the accreditation process, West-MEC hosted a team of educators for a two-day visit to the district’s corporate office and its career education centers across western Maricopa County.

The AdvancED Accreditation team, led by former Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Nancy Alexander, met with district staff, teachers, students and community members to develop a recommendation report based on evidence reviewed before and during the visit.

The team received a first-hand look at the district’s educational and professional systems to ensure West-MEC meets the AdvancED standards, engages in a continuous improvement process, and demonstrates accountability through internal and external community evaluations.

Alexander, a veteran AdvancED accreditor, commended West-MEC for receiving the full status of operational on all seven accreditation standards.

“West-MEC is a new school district but has the capacity and vision to meet its goals,” said Alexander.

West-MEC received high marks in multiple areas including:

  • The district has a clear understanding of market trends, workforce needs and the importance of intensive engagement with the business community.
  • An accessible strategic planning process dedicated to systems for enhancing career-based learning instruction.
  • Quality learning facilities, resources and equipment for career and technical instructional programs.

“West-MEC earned this distinction of quality through the recognized seal of AdvancED accreditation,” said West-MEC Superintendent Gregory Donovan. “We are focused on charting our path and continuing impactful student learning while increasing our overall effectiveness as a high-quality Career and Technical Education district.”

The accreditation is authorized for five years with regular monitoring and reporting of the district’s progress to be completed by West-MEC staff during the term.

About AdvancED

AdvancED is a global leader in advancing excellence in education through continuous improvement, organizational effectiveness, and accreditation. In 2006, the National Study of School Evaluation, the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement joined forces to form AdvancED.

About West-MEC

West-MEC is a public school district that focuses solely on innovative Career and Technical Education programs that prepare students to enter the workforce and pursue continuing education. More than 26,000 students from 40 high schools across almost 4,300 square miles in the northern and western parts of the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area are currently enrolled in West-MEC Career and Technical Education programs. More information at http://www.west-mec.org/.