ACTEAZ News  Exec. Director’s Letter

Thank You from ACTEAZ Executive Director Pam Ferguson – September 2022

ACTEAZ Executive Director Pam Ferguson

Dear ACTEAZ Members and Friends,

I am delighted to bring you greetings from your ACTEAZ State Association and wish you a great school year.

First, we want to congratulate all CTE Educators, Administrators, Counselors, and CTE Partners. You are an inspiration to all, as you mold our CTE Future with bountiful opportunities to celebrate Career Technical Education.

You showcase the “CTE Promise” that produces gains in academic achievement and contributes to the skilled workforce needed in our economic development for our survival as a nation.

You share with your constituents that these Career Technical Education (CTE) skills mold our future, and new times demand new thinking. CTE is the driving force to contribute, produce, and achieve this goal.

You build that infectious spirit with your students to foster success over and over. You give them the tools and provide the seeds to nurture these goals.

Remember, you all are the key dimension to the future of CTE. You signal to the country who you are, what you know, and what you stand for.

C.S. Lewis tells us, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Keep acting on your dreams. They are the catalyst for our CTE Survival.

A sincere thanks to our new ACTEAZ Board of Directors under the leadership of our President, Lindsay Duran. Our ACTEAZ Board of Directors has worked collectively for our Association to lead our growth.
A sincere thanks to Deputy Associate Superintendent/State Director Career and Technical Education Cathie Raymond and the Arizona Department of Education leadership. This important partnership is recognized in our state, as well as nationally.

We want to acknowledge our ACTEAZ Members’ and Partners’ special talents, generosity of spirit, and dedication to make CTE the best in our state.

ACTEAZ is proud of our ACTEAZ Staff who are dedicated to your association. Please join me in thanking them publicly:

Assistant Executive Director, Shelly York; Marketing and Event Technology Manager, Alec Damiano; Premier Series Coordinator, Shelby Freytag; and Administrative Assistant, Kailyn Gillette. These are talented and dedicated professionals who make a difference for all of us.

When we were at Region V in South Dakota this year, we had an inspirational guest speaker who made an indelible impression on many of us. His message was one of “THANK YOU” and how those heartfelt words were so powerful in enriching his life and being of service to others.

ACTEAZ thanks you for your selfless acts that are the key dimension to the future of CTE and ACTEAZ.
Please know you are the foundation for our association.