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Summer Agricultural Institute

Lifelong learning is an important value of any educational institution. The Arizona Department of Education is dedicated to instilling this ideal not only for Arizona students but for Arizona educators as well. I am happy to inform you about a long-standing, educational opportunity that we have for Arizona educators through our partnership with The University of Arizona. I strongly encourage your enrollment and ask that you pass this information on to other educators with whom you associate.

This year marks the 27th year for the Summer Agricultural Institute (SAI). The Institute will be held Monday through Friday June 5-9. SAI is a highly interactive, five-day tour designed to teach all K-12 educators about Arizona’s unique food and fiber production and to help them incorporate that knowledge in the classroom. SAI combines hands-on learning about agriculture with practical curriculum development. Participants receive free classroom materials that are aligned to Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards. This year, educators will visit agricultural sites between Phoenix and the Flagstaff area. Some of these sites include an apple orchard, a vineyard, a ranch, a dairy, and agriculture research facilities.

One of the benefits of our partnership with The University of Arizona is that upon full completion of SAI, you will earn a certificate through the state’s CTE program indicating your earning of 48 professional development hours. Be sure to contact your district office regarding their policies related to professional development. The University of Arizona also offers at your own expense up to three graduate level credits for completing SAI.

By visiting, you will find a video and quotes from prior SAI participants. You will also find a list of FAQs, important dates, a brochure, a list of prior places visited, and the online application.

There is no cost to apply for SAI, but you must be accepted to participate. Apply by March 1 and only pay $85, if you are accepted. Apply after March 1 and pay $125. All applications must be submitted by May 1. Please note that money is not due at this time—just your online application.

Space is limited to 30 educators. A committee will review your application and inform you by May 10 whether or not you are accepted. If your application is accepted, then your payment is due by May 25. Your lodging and meals will be provided, and SAI uses a tour bus. This five-day tour is available at such a low cost due to donations from state agribusiness industries.

If you have any further questions regarding this program, please direct them to Brandon Moak: [email protected], (602) 827-8218.


Bruce Watkins
Arizona Department of Education