Executive Director’s Letter – Spring 2014

Submitted by Pam Ferguson

Dear ACTEAZ Members,

Enjoy the latest news regarding ACTEAZ at the ACTE Region V Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Charles Gallagher from Arizona is our ACTE Region V Vice-President and it was really great to see his leadership in the conference planning and execution.

North Dakota ACTE made all of us feel welcome and there were 18 attendees from Arizona.

Arizona had four presentations at Region V. Special thanks to John Mulcahy, Mary Anne Berens, Doris Wojtulewicz, Shelly York, Charles Gallagher, Jill Ranucci and Pam Ferguson.

Mary Anne Berens, Region V Fellows Coordinator, met with the Region V Fellows and Lou Hart is a Region V Fellow from Arizona.

Speranta Klees, Region V Awards Chair, did a great job as Master of Ceremonies for the Region V Awards Program Session.

Doris Wojtulewicz, ACTEAZ Past-President, gave the State of the State Report for Arizona.

ACTEAZ Arizona received another Region V Grant for $1300 for membership recruitment. Arizona also gave the final report for the grant money we received last year.

Arizona had four finalists for the Region V Awards: Ben Barth, Amanda Shively, Clyde McBride and Lauren Moraga.

Arizona attendees got to visit with LeAnn Wilson, National ACTE Executive Director, and she is looking forward to joining us in Arizona for our Summer Conference. She will be doing several sessions for us.

ACTEAZ will also be getting notified of its Committee Appointments and more to follow on that.

GREAT NEWS on Region V Awards

Clyde McBride won Region V Teacher of the Year and will now compete in Nashville in November for ACTE Teacher of the Year.

Amanda Shively won Region V Administrator of the Year and will now compete in Nashville in November for ACTE Administrator of the Year.

Dennis Esparza won the Region V Innovative Program Award from Arizona and will be honored at the ACTE Summer Conference in July.

ACTEAZ won in the Publication Categories for Website of the Year and Conference Program of the Year.

Again, thanks to all that you do for CTE in Arizona.

Pam Ferguson, ACTEAZ Executive Director.