Region V News

Submitted by Doug Meyer, Region V VP

The following are just some notes to bring you update about what is happening at ACTE and in Region V.

The ACTE board of directors met in early July. The following were the major items of discussion.

Budget: ACTE ended FY 2011 in the black which is good news. We also approved the FY 2012 budget. Concerns for the budget are the ACTE national conference and what the attendance will be Strategic Planning: We discussed the results of the World Café and interviews of the BOD. Planning continues as they have just gotten in the survey results from the states and we are in the process of analyzing those results. A working group will convene in September in DC to continue the planning and develop an initial plan for the BOD’s review. Much more to come in this area.

Membership: Membership continues to be a problem. Membership has shown a steady decline over the last 5 years. For FY 2011 we lost 800+ members. Region V was the only Region to show an increase as we had nine states with an increase led by Arizona’s 86 new members and we had seven states that lost members. One of the goals for next year is to stop the bleeding and hold attendance steady and then try and increase it in future. You will see new membership campaigns for “new member and member retention”. Much of this will revolve the theme of “Together we make it Work”. More to come in this area.

Region V VP Election: The nominating committee has interviewed the candidates and has recommended two individuals (Chuck Gallagher and Erie Johnson) to be put on the ballot. The candidate’s information will be in the next techniques magazine and each candidate will speak at the Region V Business meeting in St. Louis, during the ACTE convention. This year’s business meeting will be on Wednesday, Nov 16 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. The policy committee meeting is 12:30 – 2:30 pm on Wednesday, November 16.

Region V Fellows: Region V will be soliciting for two new fellows for a two year term as a fellow. They will receive a $1000 stipend for each of the two years. Look for the announcement in the next week. These fellowships are in addition to the ACTE Fellowship Program.

Operating Budget: Region V has an Operating budget for FY 2012 of $7, 756 and $44,056 in our Designated Fund Account.


2012 Region V Conference

“Capture the Spirit of the West”
April 11-14, 2012
Snow King Resort Jackson, Wyoming

Call for Presentations for Region V Conference

To present a session at the Region V Conference, please complete this form
and mail or e-mail no later then February 1, 2012 to:

Dr. Lyn Velle
1000 West 8th Street, Gillette, WY 82716

[email protected]