Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations on another successful school year.  Once again, your efforts made the world a better place.  Thanks to you, thousands of Arizona students exited the school year with the skills needed to find both full and part time employment.  Thanks to you, graduates are pursuing post secondary education options with a purpose.  Thanks to you, Arizona’s economy is on the mend.

Please know that the leadership team for your ACTEAZ notices and appreciates your good work.  Together, we are working to provide students with the capacity to both learn and earn.

It has been a challenging year legislatively.  We are concerned about the cuts to education for FY 2017, in general, and CTE, in particular,  that threaten our ability to deliver high quality CTE.  We encourage you to invite policy makers to visit your program so that they can better understand CTE and the role it plays in our state’s economic development.

I hope the summer provides you with an opportunity to rejuvenate.  Another school year, with all its challenges and opportunities will soon be upon us.  Working together, it will be a banner year for Arizona CTE.

Best regards,

John Mulcahy
ACTEAZ President