Dear ACTEAZ Members,

Thank you for your membership in our professional organization.  Together we represent a formidable commitment to improving Arizona Education.  Please know that your service and dedication to workforce development is noticed and appreciated.

During the upcoming year, ACTEAZ will continue to work to serve our members.  Towards that end, we will endeavor to provide stellar professional development through the Premier Series, a series of courses designed to enhance and improve instruction in CTE classrooms and laboratories.  In addition, we will continue to work with our various partners, such as the Arizona Department of Education and ACOVA, to deliver professional development opportunities through the Summer Conference and the Mid-Winter Conference.  In addition to professional development, we will advocate on your behalf with the Arizona State Legislature and the Arizona Board of Education.  Finally, we will focus on the continuing development of future CTE leaders through programs such as the ACTEAZ  Fellows Program.

I invite you to join us in our continuing evolution as an association by becoming active in your affiliate and by considering becoming a ACTEAZ Fellow or serving as an ACTEAZ Officer.  Together, we can improve Career and Technical Education, in particular, and Arizona Education, in general.

Best wishes for a most successful school year.


Dr. John Mulcahy
2014-15 ACTEAZ President