ACTEAZ News  President’s Letter

President’s Letter – January 2019
Submitted by Curt Bertelsen

Dear ACTEAZ Members,

Spring is right around the corner and change is in the air. Good change. Really good change. After years of fighting for table scraps, we’re at the banquet table! CTE has finally been recognized as the premier educational delivery system that we’ve always known it to be. Parents, students, business, industry, counselors, administrators, legislators and the Governor all view quality Career and Technical Education as an indispensable component of a world class education.

Teachers – you made the difference. Your commitment to stretch, to grow, and to provide top-notch learning experiences for your students each and every day has made all of the difference. You provide leadership development through the CTSOs. You provide real world experiences through work-based learning. You set the example for your students of professionalism and call each of them to be their very best selves. You run safe and meaningful laboratory experiences. You teach engaging lessons. In a nutshell – you ROCK!

ACTEAZ has played a role too. As YOUR professional organization, ACTEAZ has led the charge to change the perception of CTE in the eyes of decision makers and the community. Your ACTEAZ Legislative Representative, Tina Norton, has worked tirelessly to tell your story. Every time she shares a legislative “win” she modestly claims “It isn’t because of me, it is easy to sell CTE because it works – it really works. We have amazing teachers, amazing students, and amazing programs”. Thank you Tina for your leadership. Working alongside Tina has been Stephen Weltsch (Past President), Lisa Doll (President Elect), Pam Ferguson – Executive Director, and a whole team of ACTEAZ leaders including every CTE Director, ADE team member, and teacher that has reached out to the media, to legislators, to business and industry, to parents and others.

During CTE Month (February) we anticipate that an army of over two thousand Arizona CTE teachers will work with tens of thousands of students to plan events, send out news releases, give tours, and meet with decision makers all for the purpose of telling our stories. Please enjoy the amazing resources ACTE provides (Thank you Tony York!) to support your CTE Month efforts.
Have a wonderful spring and please let your ACTEAZ leadership team know how we can support you.

Curt Bertelsen
2018 – 2019 ACTEAZ President