ACTEAZ News  President’s Letter

President’s Letter – April 2021
Submitted by Dr. Randy Kimmens

Dear ACTEAZ Members,

Spring is here and summer is certainly headed our way! ACTEAZ is preparing for our summer conference and a continual busy year supporting our members. Arizona continues to grow in population as employers continually chose our state as a great place to expand the business and grow commerce in nearly all employment sectors. Therefore, our association is expanding as well, we are proud to announce our new partners from the construction industry:

Build Your Future Foundation, which is part of the Greater Phoenix Foundation. The Workforce Development Director is Paul Sanders. This partnership fostering growth in the Construction Industry.

Building Talent Foundation, which is a foundation of residential construction builders to advance the education‭, ‬training‭, ‬and career progression of young people and to achieve a sustainable workforce in residential construction‭. ‬The Director is Daysy Suarez. ‬‬‬

You will be hearing more from Paul and Daysy as their associations grow in Arizona. We will be continuing to serve our members as we reach out to other employment sectors for working partnerships.

We look forward to seeing you all in Zoom type calls and hopefully more face to face interactions as the year progresses.

Best to you all regarding all your teaching and or educational endeavors.

Most Sincerely,
Dr. Randy Kimmens