Pinon HS Car Warriors

Submitted by Brad Parsons, PHS Automotive Instructor

Three weeks ago, the students at Pinon Unified school district had a competition similar to the “Car Warriors” seen on speed television. Students had two vehicles donated by the High School principal who also donated over $1500.00 is materials and supplies. Students took the vehicles apart and re-furbished them concentrating in four areas; suspension, drivetrain, interior, and exterior. The vehicles were a 1994 Jeep Cherokee and a 1986 Ford Mustang. Late in the second week, the students decided to stop the competition, call it a draw, and concentrate efforts on the Jeep due to a delay in shipment of some of the supplies for the Mustang. The vehicle was delivered on the Friday of the third week which was right on time for the deadline. Mr. Slade Morgan, the principal of the High School, could not believe his eyes at the transformation. The design, and color, was solely student based and the kids really excelled in their creativity.