Great News for CTE and Workforce Development in Arizona

The Association of Career Technical Education of Arizona wants to thank all the many partners for CTE (Career Technical Education) for their unwavering dedicated leadership efforts to create the synergy for all working together with the Arizona State Legislature and Governor to pass SB 1525 to restore the JTED Funding in Arizona.

Please know that this passage was due to the dedicated work of many working with Business and Industry, Educators, Professional Organizations, Community Members and of course the House and Senate who all had as their unwavering outcome to restore the funding because it was what our Arizona students needed, as well as, the Arizona Workforce to continue its growth for our economy.

Following a bipartisan – unanimous – vote in both chambers Governor Doug Ducey signed into law on Wednesday, February 17th, a bill that immediately repealed most of the $30 million funding cuts and created oversight measures. The final legislation restores $29 million of the original $30 million cut that was scheduled to take place next school year.

The passage of this Legislation united so many that is worth so much to all Arizonians.