Executive Director’s Letter – Fall 2014

Submitted by Pam Ferguson

Happy Thanksgiving Season to all our ACTEAZ Members and Industry Sponsors who live and breathe the passion for Career Technical Education which is the foundation for workforce development and lifelong careers for students.

As we reflect on the synergy of the Career Technical Education workforce contribution, we can sleep well at night knowing that the efforts and results of CTE do make a difference in the high student achievement and technical skills in the workplace.

Recently, I attended the Manufacturing Summit and the explosion of careers in that industry is so impressive but the reality is CTE needs to be training students for a career in that area. The business and educational communities really have a cohesive and dynamite partnership that will make what is necessary happen for student achievement and employability.  Stay tuned for more information on the ACTEAZ website for information in this area.

At the Manufacturing Summit we also had an opportunity to thank Governor Jan Brewer for her support of Career Technical Education and all the CTSO events that she supports. There is a picture of Governor Brewer with us on the ACTEAZ Website.

We also recently attended the HOOP Group meeting which is comprised of CTE Professionals in our state and Business and Industry Representatives.  At that meeting we thanked Superintendent John Huppenthal for being one of the most supportive Superintendents in our State’s history.  As you have heard him many times, he believes that CTE is where we need to be and we thank him for his efforts and leadership in the CTE arena.

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving Season we wanted to share some of the many things that our members have shared that are impacting their professional lives:

  • The ACTEAZ Website that is on the cutting edge by providing information and resources at their fingertips.
  • The ACTEAZ Board of Directors that are taking the Arizona Association to new heights as they support new 21st century technology and out of the box leadership techniques to make a difference.
  • The Premier Series that is offered to teachers statewide to complete their CTE Certification and make the transition from industry to education easier.
  • The ACTEAZ Membership System that chronicles members’ information, registrations and makes information more user friendly.
  • Our ACTEAZ Fellows Program that is building our new innovative leaders for tomorrow and we have the opportunity to support their leadership ideas.
  • Our ACTEAZ Circle of Distinction comprised of Captains of Industry who believe in Career Technical Education and are willing to have discussion with leaders in our state on the importance of CTE.
  • ACTEAZ Leadership in Advocacy for CTE that made a significant contribution along with our business partners to secure additional funding for CTE.

But most of all we are thankful for you – our members – who never quit giving no matter what the sacrifice.  You are the ones that provide the development of our students and the skill necessary for a lifetime of achievement for these students and their families now and in the future.

Again, on behalf of our Board of Directors and all of us at ACTEAZ, we wish you many blessings during this Thanksgiving Season.