ACTEAZ News  Exec. Director’s Letter

Executive Director’s Letter – Spring 2017
Submitted by Pam Ferguson

ACTEAZ and ACOVA Mid-Winter Leadership Conference

Professional Sessions were great and diversified for varied professional Interests. Thanks so much to all our presenters. This was our 17th year for this conference. Thanks to ACOVA for a great partnership.


ACTE National Policy Seminar

The ACTEAZ Delegation was comprised of 31 teachers, administrators and counselors who shared information with our Representatives and Senators regarding Career Technical Education. Arizona was one of the top three states on the delegates present. Meetings with the Congressional Offices were well received and resulted in great dialogue regarding CTE. Each office received a binder of data, information on Arizona CTE Programs and the latest on “What the Research Says.” Contact information was shared with them and invitations extended to visit the CTE Programs in our state.


ACTEAZ Fellowship Program

ACTEAZ is so proud of our Fellows. During the tenure of our Fellows Program, 113 Fellows have participated and continued into other professional development opportunities. Arizona believes in growing our own leaders and we have been so proud of the continued leadership of our Fellows and their contributions to our state association.  If you are interested in becoming a Fellow, applications will be accepted until April 21st.


Arizona CTE Summer Conference

This year’s theme “Discover CTE. Create Your Future.” and will be hosted in Tucson, AZ July 14 – 19 by the hotels, Loews Ventana Canyon and Westin La Paloma.  This is our 42nd Anniversary of our Summer Conference and is made possible through the collaboration of ACTEAZ, Arizona Career Technical Education Division and our Affiliate Associations. Other key contributors to this conference success are our Exhibitors and Sponsors.

We are inviting our CTE Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, and Business Partners to attend the ACTE Summer Conference. You are our CTE Champions in our state and nationally. What better way to remain truly relevant than concentrated professional development and extraordinary networking opportunities that each of us can participate and share with members from different constituencies and different professional expertise. Having broad representation at the conference supporting CTE makes each of our learning experiences more rich in content and credible.

Please visit the conference website at for more information on and online registration.

I believe that we can and do make an impact.  Every event, meeting, competition, tour of programs and all the other activities we participate in provide us chances to impact CTE.  To share our successes, to promote CTE, and highlight our students’ skill sets.  It is through our combined efforts that we are able to be heard, seen, and felt.  I hope you will continue to work with us as we make a difference for CTE in Arizona.  Together we can make an impact and create a better future.


Pam Ferguson
ACTEAZ Executive Director