ACTEAZ News  Exec. Director’s Letter

Executive Director’s Letter – December 2019
Submitted by Pam Ferguson

As I think about the significance of Career Technical Education in the time frames of THEN, NOW and BEYOND, I see an imprint of a lifelong significance in our lives and our contributions to education.

Many of us remember the THEN times when we are telling our NOW students, this is not the CTE your parents knew in the old Vocational Education. But, we do share that cherished history that there was so much value in those Vocational Education lessons. They shaped and created the foundation for the values and skills that were so important in our lives and our nation. When we see the old pictures of the Home Economics Lab, the Old Shop Lab or the Agriculture Classes, we remember that they were the foundation for us as a student and then as a teacher.

CTE NOW is growth, creativity, technology beyond our wildest dreams that inspire and make our dreams realities and jobs that are now careers that are point on for our future. Who could have envisioned the opportunities that are there for all our population in CTE? We all want our children and grandchildren to know, love and cherish CTE opportunities and benefit from the gifts of knowledge that are taught.

The next phase is BEYOND CTE and we are creating those opportunities at warp speed that is multiplying into a world that is cornucopian. A workforce that is productive, rich, abundant that is bursting with innovation to challenge the talents of generations. Our ACTE Summer Conference in July will showcase many glimpses in that future.

We have stories to share with our students and our children that CTE is the foundation and the catalyst for all things great in our lives as it shapes values, prepares us for who we are and what is important to pass down to all generations. But most important is that Career Technical Education evolved for us as the definitive promise for a life of value for life-long generations.

As we celebrate Career Technical Education, we would like to highlight some of the CTE accomplishments in our state:

  • Our AMAZING CTE Marketing Resources are ready for immediate use via our website for the celebration of CTE month in your schools.
  • The ACTEAZ Website is continually updated to provide you the latest information and resources.
  • The ACTEAZ Board of Directors continues to strive to accomplish the association goals on behalf of our members.
  • The Premier Series continues to expand opportunities offered to teachers statewide to complete their CTE Certification and make the transition from industry to education easier.
  • The ACTEAZ Membership System chronicles members’ information, registrations, and makes member information user friendly. Your professional development certificates are available in your personal file.
  • Our ACTEAZ Fellows Program continues to strengthen our new innovative leaders for tomorrow. These Fellows add to the mosaic that our strong leaders in our state.
  • Our ACTEAZ Circle of Distinction comprised of Captains of Industry continue to lead discussions to move the CTE agenda forward in our state.
  • ACTEAZ values the networking of all CTE Professionals in our state and believes in your leadership in your classrooms and communities.

Finally, we are most of all THANKFUL for you – our members – who never quit giving, no matter what the sacrifice. You provide the development for our students and the skills necessary for a lifetime of achievement.

On behalf of our ACTEAZ Officer Team and Board of Directors, we wish you a happy holidays and a great start in the new year.