ACTEAZ News  Exec. Director’s Letter

Executive Director’s Letter – August 2019
Submitted by Pam Ferguson

Dear ACTEAZ Members and Friends,

Please let me say special thanks to everyone for providing such an exemplary ACTE 2019 Summer Conference. A Conference of this magnitude does take all of us and was a collaborative effort and you are to be congratulated.

A sincere thanks Also to the Association of Career Technical Education Leadership and Members and to Cathie Raymond and the Arizona Department of Education Leadership. It was great training for all.
Thanks for your talent, and tenacity to create a conference with style and grace. It was an awesome professional development conference. Over 255 Sessions were offered at the conference for attendees to participate in learning opportunities that would be relevant for them.

Our theme this year: CTE: The Power of Infinite Possibilities is the mosaic of generations of programs, teaching styles, school sizes and experiences of all that made this conference possible and excitement of what is our future. You are to be congratulated for your work on behalf of CTE and your students are blessed everyday by having you as their mentors.

ACTEAZ looks forward to working together with all of you this coming year as we plan our 45th Conference! We again wish to ask you to bring to the table the expertise you are willing to share with our attendees for the betterment of teaching strategies and student achievement. The conference gives us all the opportunity re-invigorate our spirit which gives that extra boost to redo, rethink and reestablish who we are as teachers, administrators and counselors.

Nuts-and-bolts relationships between exhibitors, teachers and administrators worked well this year. We are thankful for the support and contributions of our 65 vendors at the conference. We also depend on our ACTEAZ Sponsors.

Please continue to use the ACTEAZ Mobile App for exhibitor and sponsor information.

Pam Ferguson