Common Core State Standards Initiative
(Preparing Arizona’s Students for College & Career)

Submitted by Paulett Ellis

Successful academic integration in Career and Technical Education (CTE) curriculum requires a clear knowledge of the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In order for CTE teachers to effectively participate in the integration of the 2010 Arizona Math and English Language Arts Standards with full implementation by the school year 2012-14, resources and sustained professional development will be vital. At the September 14, 2011 CTE Local Directors/Administrators’ meeting, John Balentine, Director of Social Studies/K-12 Academic Standards for the Arizona Department of Education, provided a brief overview of the Common Core Standards including why they have been adopted by Arizona. One of his information slides said: “Standards are important, but can’t stand alone in improving education and getting all students ready for college, career and life. They must be joined and aligned with a content-rich curriculum and strong assessments.” This comment accurately describes the value of CTE programs supported by active Career and Technical Student Organizations and the application of the CTE Assessment System. As Rigorous Programs of Study develop in Arizona, CTE will be addressing academic integration as a significant component in preparing students to be college and career-ready.

Here are several helpful websites to assist you in maximizing the opportunity to integrate the new CCSS into your curriculum:

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