CAVIAT, A Trip to the Capitol

Submitted by Valorie Twyford. Article by Doug Allan, FUSD CTE Director.

Although many FUSD students looked forward to having a few days off during Spring Break, a group of motivated FHS and CHS students chose to spend Monday, March 12th traveling to downtown Phoenix to spend some time at the Arizona State Capital. The trip was coordinated by Jac Heiss, CAVIAT Superintendent, in an attempt to bring our students closer to the political process and provide some of them the opportunity to speak to the House Education Committee. Despite a very short time frame, Destiny Baird, Kylie Radford and Danielle Kelly all did a nice job of presenting their thoughts to a distinguished group of politicians. We would also like to thank the other students that represented CAVIAT; Monique Boswell, Rebecca Hansen, Jon Berchman, Erin Huskon and Kristin Goldtooth. All of the students appeared to be duly impressed with the state government activities they witnessed that sunny day.

Most of these students are participating in our CAVIAT Central Programs in conjunction with Coconino Community College. Kylie Radford is the only non-CP student on this list. We consider Kylie an ultimate CTE student as she is enrolled in three different CTE programs at FHS this year. Kylie is enrolled is Culinary Arts, Autos and Fashion Design. She expressed that CAVIAT has changed her life. Fashion Design is the most interesting thing she’s ever done. Culinary Arts is giving her the opportunity to compete for scholarships. The Autos class has taught her how to work on her own vehicle.