Arizona has recently shown the strength and support that CTE has here in our legislation.  Last week at the Region V Conference held in San Diego, California we demonstrated why that support is deserved.  During the conference we had various Arizona educators there presenting and sharing their knowledge.  We also had several educators honored at the Region V Awards and Recognition celebration for their efforts in supporting CTE.


Charles Gallagher was inducted into the Region V Hall of Fame for his extensive efforts in supporting CTE at a local, state, regional and national level.  Charles asked everyone to “Step to the Plate” and helped to increase membership to ACTEAZ and ACTE National. Throughout his career as a teacher, ACTEAZ President and ACTE Region V Vice President he has led by example and helped to strengthen CTE.


Mike Neu, CTE Teacher at Estrella Foothills HS, was awarded the Region V Innovative Program for his work with the “College and Career Program and Internship Incorporating FBLA”.  His program helps to build a solid foundation for freshman students and helps provide an individualize program for each student to help guide them through their high school and career pathways.

ACTEAZ was also recognized at the Region V conference for our efforts in membership recruitment and our website.

It is the strength and teamwork of our members and CTE communities that will continue to drive CTE to success here in Arizona and beyond.  Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and success and we look forward to celebrating your future endeavors with you.