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2018 ACTEAZ Officer Elections
Submitted by Curt Bertelsen

The ACTEAZ Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Lisa Doll has been selected as President Elect and James Hawk as Treasurer of our Association. We appreciate their willingness to step into these crucial leadership positions and share their wealth of knowledge, experience and passion with our membership.

Lisa Doll is a past President of ACTEAZ and currently serves as the Director of the Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium. James Hawk currently serves as CTE Manager for the Peoria Unified School District and is a graduate of the ACTEAZ Fellowship Program. Both have a long history of service to students, teachers and the broader CTE community. We are extremely honored to have them serve on the Executive Board.

Please thank and congratulate them when you see them at this summer’s ACTEAZ Conference in Tucson!

Curt Bertelsen