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CTED Legislative Priorities
Please see below the CTE priorities with links to the bill language & legislative summaries, as well as the current status.
  1. HB2124 CTEDs Average Daily Membership (Udall)Leg. Summary
    Status: Passed House COW/Floor with Amendment
    SB1302 CTEDs Average Daily Membership (Shope)
    Status: Passed Senate Unanimously 30-0 as Amended
  3. HB2123 CTED 4th Year Funding & Internship (Udall)Leg. Summary
    Status: Passed House Education Hearing on 1/19 unanimously /
    Passed House Appropriation Hearing 2/9 / Pending House Floor and 3rd Vote
    SB1179 CTED 4th Year Funding (Mesnard)
    Status: Passed Senate Unanimously 30-0
  5. HB2024 CTEDs; Internships; Funding (Udall)Leg. Summary
    Status: Passed House Unanimously 58-0-2 – Singled Assigned to Senate Education
  7. HB2055 Career Technical Education; Projects (Kaiser)Leg. Summary
    Status: Passed House 57-2-1 – Singled Assigned to Senate Education
  9. HB2301 CTED Letter Grade Exemption (Blackman)
    Status: Signed by the Governor 2/18/21
Arizona Auditor General released A Special Study of Career and Technical Education Districts[CTEDs]
Arizona Auditor General released A Special Study of Career and Technical Education Districts[CTEDs].
ADE Decides Not to Renew AzCIS Contract
The following communication was sent to the school counseling listserv last month.
“Based upon a recent comprehensive survey and numerous conversations from the field, the Arizona Department of Education has decided we will not renew our contract with AzCIS. Our current contract with AzCIS will terminate on June 30, 2020.
Over the summer ADE will update the ECAP website with resources that you can use to remain ECAP compliant. AzCIS was a resource that was provided to support ECAP but was never required for school districts to use. As a reminder, here are the ECAP requirements as outlined in Board Rule R7-2-302.05 (Approved February 25, 2008):
  • Academic Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Postsecondary Education Goals
  • Extracurricular Goals

Click https://www.azed.gov/ecap/ to read more about what should be included in those 4 areas.

Industry Credentials
The Arizona Department of Education recognizes specific industry credentials for purposes of A-F school grading. The list of approved industry credentials is below.
A - F
Making sense of the new A-F School Grade system can be daunting. The PowerPoint below explains the process in detail.
Blueprints and Instructional Frameworks
The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and the Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium (AZCTECC) are in the process of creating Blueprints and Instructional Frameworks for CTE programs in Arizona. This list includes the current status of which Blueprints, Frameworks and Vocabulary lists are available both on the AZCTECC and ADE website.
Arizona Legislative Chairs
This documents lists the Arizona State Legislative Committee Chairs for 2021.
Arizona CTE Family
The Arizona Career and Technical Education (CTE) family includes a variety of organization all working collaboratively to improve the quality of CTE. This document outlines background and role of each organization.
Arizona State CTE Strategic Plan
The Arizona State CTE Strategic Plan was created by a group of CTE stakeholders led by the Career and Technical Education Division of the Arizona Department of Education.
Zooming in on Industry Certifications
This presentation includes ideas and tools for planning and implementing industry certification.