From the Desk of Pam Ferguson, ACTEAZ Executive Director PDF

How sweet it is when our state association receives this letter each October.

This is the 11th year our association has won this award.

Congratulations! Arizona’s application for the Quality Association Award has been reviewed and has qualified as a Quality State Association.

ACTE is delighted your state has taken the time and effort to complete this lengthy application process and your diligence has been rewarded.  More importantly, this award signifies the level of service that your state’s ACTE delivers to its members as well as the way in which you and your Board advocate for career and technical education in your state.  We trust that your state will continue to strive for excellence and provide the very best leadership for your state association and its members.

Signed by the National Executive Director and National President.

When we received this notification from National ACTE, we were really excited. You, as Arizona ACTE Members, have without a doubt worked hard to earn this Quality Association Award. Awards that ACTEAZ receives are always a collective work of effort as we work together to increase public awareness and appreciation for Career Technical Education.  We relish and are proud of the benefits CTE provides for student achievement which increase the opportunities for a great post-secondary education and a lifelong career.

Our ACTEAZ Members are a remarkable force for commitment, excellence and positive energy that surrounds their timeless values to reach every child and train them for the 21st century global careers. Members reach higher every day and never forget who shoulders they have benefited from in the past. Only because of those pioneering efforts of Career Technical Education Educators and Administrators before us do we have the resources, tools and networking connections to do our CTE jobs more wisely, more compassionately and more richly with proven substance and academic excellence.

ACTEAZ is honored by your company; respects your example and your wisdom. We salute each of you.

Let’s keep the synergy momentum going as we all continue the great work in Arizona.