Add ACTEAZ to Your Plate

Submitted by Barbara Renner

“My plate is full.” “I’m up to my eyeballs.” “There aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Do these quotes ring a bell? Maybe you’ve said them once or twice in a year, probably more. Along with all the demands placed on you, your curriculum, and your classroom are the challenges of assessments, academic integration, and preparing students for college. I’m sure you can’t possibly squeeze another pea on your plate or minute in your day.

However!! There is something you can add to your busy schedule that will enhance not only you, but your teaching future. Become more active in and encourage your colleagues to join ACTEAZ. Why?

First of all, through your involvement with ACTEAZ you will have the opportunity to actually know what is on those assessments you are required to give your students twice a year by taking the assessment yourself at the ACTE Summer Conference in Tucson. In addition, you will learn that there are national academic standards being developed to be delivered and assessed in the CTE Model. In other words, academic subjects will assess student achievement in adaptation and application, the rigor and relevance framework CTE teachers model every day.

Second, you are aware of the push to integrate academic subjects into your curriculum – wait a minute, you already do. Many students in Accounting Programs now receive a credit for Math. Even Culinary and Construction programs could justify a Math credit. In every Business program there is Economics. The Agriculture program is filled with Science. Fire Science and a Physical Education credit go hand in hand. Writing is incorporated into all CTE programs. ACTEAZ is the avenue for you to learn more on how the state supports academic integration and recognizes what you already do within your programs. The ACTEAZ Board of Directors does a tremendous amount of work in CTE Advocacy and State-wide Community Networking to assist the CTE Programs – that would be you.

Finally, part of every CTE program of study is career preparation. This means that a great amount of your time is making sure your students write an effective resume, cover letter, and follow-up letter as well as interview effectively. All of these end products and skills can be used in preparation for scholarships and college entrance requirements. Not only are your students prepared to enter the workforce, they are prepared to continue their education at a trade school, college, or university. ACTEAZ is committed to working with the Department of Education, post-secondary education, industry partners, and legislators together to create programs of study that are a relevant experience for each student. Wouldn’t you like to know what you prepare your students for every day is advocated by the entire state?

So, you don’t really need to add more minutes to the day, you just need to become more aware of what ACTEAZ is doing for you and your program by becoming and remaining a member. Keep informed about current CTE news and events in Arizona, read about legislative updates, network and earn professional development by attending the many conferences associated with ACTEAZ. Remember, your plate is too empty without ACTEAZ!!!