2014 ACTEAZ Officer Elections

Below you will find the election candidates for the ACTEAZ offices of President-Elect and Treasurer. Officer candidates for both positions should be members that have demonstrated leadership in the Arizona Career and Technical Education Association or their ACTEAZ Affiliate Association. All election applicants must be a current ACTEAZ member.  Voting will take place from May 5th through May 23rd. An independent voting company will send current members an email with instructions on how to vote and a special link.

President Elect Candidates

LisaLisa Doll
Platform Statement

How many times have you heard students say “Why are we learning this?” My guess is you are not hearing that very often in a high quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) course. That’s because CTE provides the relevance students need to make connections to the real world. We are the educators that make curriculum pop for students. Geometry comes to life as construction students figure out the angles when building a shed. Nearly every CTE teacher can share a story about how we are the ticket to keeping students in school and keeping them motivated. Yet we face huge challenges day in and day out facing budgets being cut and a general lack of understanding by the public about what we do.

I have been involved in CTE since I was 12 years old as a student, then a teacher, a program specialist, an administrator and now the director of the Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium. I have always been actively involved whether it was in a CTSO, my state affiliate or ACTEAZ. I feel my knowledge of and passion for CTE keeps me continuously striving to take our message everywhere I go. The time for CTE is now. There is a buzz around CTE that I have never experienced in my 24 year career. I believe we are critical to student success and moving education forward. I would like to serve as the ACTEAZ President-Elect to help continue to propel CTE forward.

Treasurer Candidates

Dennis Esparza PhotoDennis Esparza

Platform Statement

Since becoming a Fellow in 2011, I have grown very interested in the internal workings of ACTEAZ. I have had the honor of going to and participating with other Fellows at national, regional, and state conferences, as well as the National Policy Seminar. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last three years with the ACTEAZ organization and with all of those involved. As my interest in the organization has grown, I feel compelled to take my involvement and interest to the next level by getting more directly involved. The position of Treasurer would allow me to do just that by being an active participant within the organization, and not simply someone looking in from the outside. Being Treasurer would not just allow me the opportunity to get directly involved with the organization, but to see how the ACTEAZ truly operates. I believe that my previous involvement with ACTEAZ, as well as my determined work ethic, will enable me to fulfill the duties and obligations of Treasurer. I look forward to the challenge and opportunity for both personal and professional growth if given the opportunity to fulfill the duties provided by this position with this great organization.