ACTEAZ News  President’s Letter

President’s Letter – August 2020
Submitted by Dr. Randy Kimmens

Dear ACTEAZ Members,

The 2020/2021 school year is upon us! The year 2020 will certainly be known as a hallmark of great challenge, change and adversity. However, the school year will also bring a harbinger of innovation, strength, transition and growth, which are qualities the Association has always been recognized. As I undertake the role as President, I am reminded of the outstanding contributions that have been made by our members and the students they support and represent.

I trust in our efforts to continually support the growth of our various employer partners to provide them a qualified and skilled workforce of the future. The challenges facing us to provide and support quality CTE instruction and services will be bolstered by our dedication to the safety and health of our members, students and partners. I trust through our efforts we will continue to be known as a local, regional and national beacon of educational opportunity for career and technical education and support economic independence for students.

I do wish you and your students a safe and productive year as we embark on greater levels of learning, innovation and safety working together. Student achievement is our success!

Most sincerely,
Dr. Randy Kimmens