2022 Midwinter Conference Call for Presentations

The Midwinter Leadership Conference is held each year to give CTE Administrators, Counselors and Teachers the opportunity to connect, develop leadership skills, and learn about topics, such as, current issues, funding, advocacy and data research.  It is also an opportunity to learn best practices on educating your school boards, peers, and students’ parents on what Career and Technical Education is and how it not only benefits the futures of our students, but also the future of Arizona and beyond.  Participants will also learn more about developing and sustaining the incredibly important partnerships we have with Post-Secondary Institutions and Industry.  Be sure to join us as we look at CTE as it is today.

We are seeking presenters for the Midwinter Leadership Conference, February 2 – 3, 2023, who are excited to share their knowledge with their peers. While we welcome a wide variety of subjects, we are primarily focused on sessions within the following topics:

  • Career Exploration for Students
  • Techniques for Connecting with Industry Partners
  • Best Practices in CTE
  • Counselors: Inclusive Career Roadmap for Kids and the CTE Curriculum
  • CTE TEAM Connections: Middle School, High School and Post-Secondary
  • Supporting Special Population Students
  • Advocacy, including Latest Effectiveness, Data & Research
  • Current Journey of Critical CTE and Educational Issues
  • Data and Using Assessments to Drive Instruction
  • How to Interpret Data and Write Perkins Goals
  • Inclusion of CTE for all Students and Learning Needs
  • Leadership Skills for all CTE and Educational Leaders
  • Mentoring Leadership Professionals
  • Recruitment and Retention of CTE Educators, Funding Opportunities, and Challenges

Length of Presentation: Presentations should be 50 minutes long.

Guidelines: Please do not use acronyms, initials or ALL CAPS in your name, affiliation, address, title or description. ACTEAZ/ACOVA reserves the right to edit presentation titles and descriptions for length and content.

Accepted speakers and co-speakers are responsible for ALL conference related expenses, including, travel, lodging and meals.

Selling or promoting products or services is NOT allowed in presentations.

The deadlines for Midwinter Presentations to be received will be December 16, 2022. All proposals are peer-reviewed. Final decisions will be made, and submitters will be notified of the status of their proposal via e-mail by January 6, 2023.

Session proposals are now closed.