The fourth series in the Arizona CTE Leadership Continuum is the Ambassador Series.  The Ambassador Series is dedicated to educating stakeholders external to CTE about the value and importance of CTE.

As a profession, we recognize that many individuals outside of CTE can affect the success of our enterprise.  These include parents, students, school administrators, school board members, state officials, business and industry and the general public.  We believe that the opinions these people hold of CTE are our responsibility.  Towards that end, we have an obligation to educate these individuals about CTE.  Educating external stakeholders takes many forms.  It certainly includes CTE presentations at education, parent and business conferences.


The following communication was sent to the school counseling listserv last month.
“Based upon a recent comprehensive survey and numerous conversations from the field, the Arizona Department of Education has decided we will not renew our contract with AzCIS. Our current contract with AzCIS will terminate on June 30, 2020.
Over the summer ADE will update the ECAP website with resources that you can use to remain ECAP compliant. AzCIS was a resource that was provided to support ECAP but was never required for school districts to use. As a reminder, here are the ECAP requirements as outlined in Board Rule R7-2-302.05 (Approved February 25, 2008):

  • Academic Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Postsecondary Education Goals
  • Extracurricular Goals

Click to read more about what should be included in those 4 areas.

This document from Kathy Hoffman, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, outlines a roadmap for reopening schools.

The Arizona Department of Education recognizes specific industry credentials for purposes of A-F school grading. The list of approved industry credentials is below.

Making sense of the new A-F School Grade system can be daunting. The PowerPoint below explains the process in detail.

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and the Arizona CTE Curriculum Consortium (AZCTECC) are in the process of creating Blueprints and Instructional Frameworks for CTE programs in Arizona. This list includes the current status of which Blueprints, Frameworks and Vocabulary lists are available both on  the AZCTECC and ADE website.

This documents lists the Arizona State Legislative Committee Chairs for 2020.

This page contains a summary of some of the major outcomes of bills from the 2020 Arizona Legislative season that affect CTE.

The Arizona Career and Technical Education (CTE) family includes a variety of organization all working collaboratively to improve the quality of CTE. This document outlines background and role of each organization.

The Arizona State CTE Strategic Plan was created by a group of CTE stakeholders led by the Career and Technical Education Division of the Arizona Department of Education.

This presentation includes ideas and tools for planning and implementing industry certification.

Making a Case for CTE


View and share videos about the importance of CTE.

Fact Sheets

View facts sheets with pertinent facts and information about CTE.

Research Presentations

View latest research presentations regarding CTE.

Advocating for CTE

Advocating for CTE is a shared responsibility, therefore, the Leadership Continuum is here as your partner.  We can assist you in crafting a presentation proposal and provide a CTE Advocacy presentation for a conference you are attending.  Additionally, if you know of a conference where CTE Advocacy is a must, please let us know and we will check availability to attend.  For any questions about submitting a proposal, access to a presentation, or the Leadership Continuum attending and presenting at a conference, please contact Joel Wakefield at

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