2023 Outstanding CTE Administrative Assistant of the Year

Maya Comaduran – Cochise Technology District

Maya Comaduran is involved in every CTE project of Cochise Technology District CTED as she is integral to the success of everything they do. She provides key support for county-wide events such as: the annual CTE Director/Counselor summit, Law & Public Safety Practical and Academy Days, Cochise HOSA Health-Off, Premier Series trainings in Instructional Best Practices, Technical Skills Assessment, CTSO Officer Training, and Serving Exceptional Students, and Cochise Technology District’s most recent event, the regional SkillsUSA Law & Public Safety competition.

The ideas she shares and actions she takes on the district’s behalf are always for the betterment of the district and, more importantly, for students and teachers.

Maya worked as part of a CTED/Community College team to ensure students from across Cochise County have the support needed to be successful in program offerings on Fridays (for students with a four-day school week) and evenings (for students who take CTE classes outside of their regular school day). These students often have challenges adjusting to the added load of a college class.

Maya has been there to work out the kinks and provide any support the students need. Maya assists in the day-to-day operations of the district and is also the CTD Governing Board secretary. She works closely with the 11 member districts and board members, CTE directors, counselors, charter schools, and homeschool parents to ensure that the CTED continues to do its best for students. Maya literally goes the extra mile to support CTE students, teachers, and administrators. She drives thousands of miles each year to member schools to ensure students and teachers are prepared for success.

It’s not unusual for her to drive 61 miles one day and then 82 miles the next to deliver items to students or teachers throughout the remote rural region.

It’s also not unusual for her to visit three schools one day and two the next. Maya does whatever. The list of all the little things that Maya does goes on and on. Maya is an integral part of the team at Cochise Technology District and exemplifies its belief in doing what’s best for students.