Lifetime Achievement Award

Judy Balogh
AZ Dept. of Education CTE

Judy Balogh is the Lifetime Achievement Winner this year from the Arizona Department of Education. Judy has enjoyed a remarkable 30 plus years serving CTE!

Judy has demonstrated leadership in the CTE. Judy’s Team Lead supervisory role in CTE includes the creation and review of Technical Standards for 58 programs working with business and industry experts; Technical Skills Assessments (TSAs) for 54 programs working with program specialists, district teachers and administrators.

Judy also works with the following: Business and Community Partnerships, Career Literacy K-8, and Data and Program Improvement. Her innovative developments to CTE have been shared at the local, state, regional and national levels.

Judy continues to exceed expectations to implement improvements to CTE programs with the development and revision of Technical Standards and Technical Skills Assessments. This includes providing creative professional development for teachers to keep pace with dynamic CTE fields.

Judy began her career at Ohio State University and now with the Arizona Department of Education CTE. She is currently at ADE where she provides leadership and management to the development of industry-validated Technical Standards. During her tenure, Judy has endeavored to bring together individuals with a wealth of education, experience, and talents in support of the initiatives set forth by the Department of Education, CTE. She manages under the notion that cross-functional collaboration isn’t easy, but it is powerful and an excellent opportunity to apply leadership, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

Continuous work with the development and review of technical standards has created valuable relationships with business and industry partners throughout the state. Their expertise and input for entry-level employment is imperative for the technical standards.

There are no bounds to what Judy has done and continues to do. She works with everyone to make the difference. Thank you, Judy!