CTE Teacher of the Year

Brad Chamberlain
Maricopa High School

Brad Chamberlain is the Maricopa High School Computer Maintenance and Network Security Teacher. He teaches Computer Maintenance, Repair I, II, III and Network Security I, II, III.  He has been a ACTE and ACTEAZ Member for 10 years.

Brad has implemented high-quality CTE programs that ensure student success. One program Brad has developed is a model IT program in the state of Arizona. His students not only learn the standards of the course, but they built and run the network for our entire CTE department. They also run our district IT support and Help Desk.

His students have earned over 200 Test Out credentials; his students SWEEP their competitive categories at Skills USA; he has national Skills USA champions for the past three years (of active competitions) including two 1st place national champions, followed by bronze this past year.

He integrates standards, skills, and professional expectations into a program that produces the most credentials and post-secondary placements than any other at Maricopa High School. Brad also serves on Super Saturday test development committees and will be presenting at the summer conference, sharing his successes and best practices with colleagues.

There is demonstrated innovation in CTE in his programs. Over the many years of his program, Brad is constantly innovating and improving the program. His students started 24 Pintech, a student-based enterprise that repairs devices for our community. Students fill more than 400 work orders per year, Brad’s students deliver quality support for our staff, students and local community. His students build and maintain servers, provide IT support, and repair and service technology throughout our campus and district. His students even built the website and web serve that hosts their work orders. Their work is so good that EVIT, one of the largest CTED’s in the state, host their work order system through Brad’s program! Brad has also been a regular supporter of AZ Strut, rebuilding and refurbishing tech for use in schools and non-profits.

Leadership is demonstrated in improving CTE and/or student opportunities in the local or greater CTE community in many ways. Brad’s students manage all aspects of IT from hardware and software, to the soft skills of email messaging and customer service/tech support. He provides multiple points of work-based learning for students to enhance their skills, from class based simulations and work stations, to the 24pintech enterprise to internships and opportunities in the school district and greater community.

Graduates of Brad’s programs can be found at MCC, ASU and working for companies like Google, Roblox, and the City of Maricopa. His alumni run tech support for our school district and City of Maricopa. Brad has a unique partnership with MCC Cisco Academy, and works to model his program with their curriculum and practices.  He also sponsors an active and productive Skills USA Chapter at Maricopa High School.