CTE Administrative Assistant of the Year

Mary Andrade

Mary Andrade has been an ACTEAZ Member for seven years and works for Pima JTED. Mary is indispensable for many responsibilities, such as: registration for teachers in Pima JTED and many, teachers across the State of Arizona as they complete coursework to strengthen their instructional skills and earn ADE CTE Teacher Certifications. Mary has the expertise to work with outside Pima JTED agencies and is always the go to for reliable information and guidance.

Her leadership allows teachers to engage in ongoing, rigorous professional development on a wide range of topics covering all elements of the Premier Series program. The scope of her responsibilities include: developing and publishing a catalog bi-yearly, maintaining the online registration portal, working with ACTEAZ, ADE, TREC and the other CTEDs across the state.

Mary assists in the promotion and implementation of CTSO Officer Training Events each fall that typically include up to 200 teachers and between 800 – 1,000 student officers. Mary advises teachers on certification policies and guides them to successfully becoming fully CTE Certified.

Mary assisted in the development of Pima JTEDs first Employee Handbook. Mary helped to develop the procedure and facilitates the reimbursement of tuition for teachers, counselors, and administrators in both central and satellite CTE programs to ensure that teachers stay current in their field. Mary works with teachers and CTE Directors across the State of Arizona to ensure that teachers receive the support and training to become fully certified and highly skilled CTE educators. As the administration assistant to the Professional Develop Director, she is indispensable to all in Pima JTED. Thanks Mary, for your leadership and contributions to teachers and education.