ACTEAZ Executive Citation

Dennis Esparza
Retired, Mesa Public Schools

The ACTEAZ Executive Citation is awarded to an ACTEAZ Member who has supported and provided leadership to ACTEAZ. This award recognizes the above and beyond contributions for the greater good of ACTEAZ. Congratulations, Dennis Esparza, who has served our state association in many capacities and is completely deserving.

Dennis is a graduate of the three-year ACTEAZ Fellows Program and attended National Policy Seminar, Region V and National Vision to represent our association. Dennis is always of the first to volunteer and then delivers to make a difference for our association.

Dennis served for four years as the ACTEAZ Treasurer. After that term was completed, Dennis continued on the Board as the Junior High Representative. He always makes sure a Junior High Teacher is written up for the ACTEAZ Awards. Following this, he continued on the Board of Directors on the Financial Review Committee for the association.

In addition, Dennis has done much “outside the box service”. Dennis continued to do whatever it takes to help the association. For four years he drove the Big U-HAUL Truck to Tucson with all the conference materials and got it unloaded and returned truck in Tucson!

Dennis has engraved our awards and fellow’s plagues for over eight years, and our awards boxes for the association. Even in retirement, Dennis is committed to Career Technical Education.

Thank you, Dennis, for your ACTEAZ leadership. You always say “yes”, and we are a stronger association and state for your service.