Teacher Community Service Award


Travis Black


Travis believes everyone should give back to their community and he instills this philosophy into his students in the Construction Technology program. They have performed over 2200 hours of community service in the past two years. He has set up different building projects which take place during class time and on weekends and evenings. Each group has a foreman, who works with the organization’s leader to complete the project. Travis’s students also have a higher level of achievement in written test scores and on hands practicums.

Two students have received a Bronze Award for community service for the national SkillsUSA awards. The students stated as a group that the community service projects helped them to be “able to clearly communicate how they used self-motivation, responsibility, and adaptability/ flexibility in this activity.” The construction program and SkillsUSA club has demonstrated that community service can be done in a variety of ways and can help them lead to industry certifications. Why build a shed or dog houses to sell as a hands-on project when you can help build a rodeo complex with metal buildings, wood buildings, electrical wiring, masonry and adding in heavy equipment. This is where community service projects and construction curriculum come together for the betterment of a community. The Camp Verde Arena Association received the students building a 15 x 15 well house and storage building, a 20 x 40 container box turned into a finished announcer stand and secretary office with full electrical outlets and lights, and 100 horse stalls.

They have incorporated the construction standards, NCCER standards, Yavapai College Basic Construction Certification standard, developed partnerships with local business and non-profit community organization, the framework from the CTSO SkillsUSA and brought in work-based learning during these projects.

One was the Veterans Food and Supply Drive they did the past three years. This activity helped many veterans and active military personnel in our community. It was also an excellent activity to help the students bond. Since conducting this activity, the construction program has seen increased participation in other service activities as all members know their role is important to the SkillsUSA chapter success and the benefit to the community. VACTE Construction SkillsUSA CTSO two SkillsUSA National awards.