Policy Maker of the Year


Jacqui Clay

Cochise County Supt.

Ms. Jacqui Clay is the ACTEAZ Policy Maker of the Year. Currently she serves as the Superintendent of Schools in Cochise County. Ms. Clay has been a teacher, an Assistant Principal and Director of Career Technical Education. She is also a retired Army Command Sergeant Major of 25 years so her expertise serves her well to be knowledgeable of the important issues we must know regarding CTE in our state in many different areas. Currently her responsibilities span 21 school districts and over 23,000 students. She also provides support for homeschool, detention, and county jail students. She is also a Certified True Colors, International Facilitator and has presented for four years at our ACTE Summer Conference.

Ms. Clay is active in the following: Cognia’s (AdvancEd) national school accreditation and STEM accreditation team, Advisory Board ABEC, State Perkins V CTE Planning Committee, AzTEA, National ACTE Virtual Professional Development Group, Douglas Education Partnership Regional Council, AZ Rural Schools Association, ADE Superintendent of Instruction African American Advisory Committee and Arizona Technology Force. Ms. Clay keeps her statewide colleagues informed as important issues arise. Jacqui Clay works with the Arizona CTED Superintendents to share information when applicable. Each week she is part of an Educator Leaders and Health Official’s Roundtable and she shares information that is happening in our state. ACTEAZ has appreciated the updates Ms. Clay sent out to ACTEAZ, the CTED’s and districts in Arizona to keep us all current on the latest legislative issues. This information has been important to keeping ACTEAZ informed on important issues in our state.