CTE Post-Secondary Educator of the Year


Ken Myers

Coconino Community College

Ken Myers is known for his engaging instruction for over ten years in the Construction Management Department at Coconino Community College. Before working at CCC, he worked in the local construction industry. His knowledge of the field and his connections to the community are exceptional. Examples of the capstone educational opportunities include: building a simulation lab on campus for nursing and EMS students, a solar greenhouse in partnership with an elementary school, a handicap ramp for paraplegic veteran, painting / making minor repairs / landscaping the grounds of a domestic abuse home. These all demonstrate the project-based learning opportunities to create high quality educational environments for students.

Ken is passionate about CTE and goes above and beyond. Ken offered a Certified Apartment Maintenance (CAMT) Program. This is a partnership with Goodwill Industries and CCC to respond quickly to labor needs and has a 95% rate of students earning certification. Students have a job fair and companies meet the students to interview as maintenance technicians.

Ken has been instrumental in helping to provide a trained workforce for our local economy. In has been a dream of Ken’s to expand his construction shop capacity and that is what he did. After securing a grant thru Del E. Webb Foundation, renovations were started in the summer and first semester he held his CCC Construction Classes in a Middle School Wood Shop. Because of the upgrade, students receive much needed workforce training and he added three more certification programs. Ken works tirelessly to collaborate with businesses and his students are the beneficiaries of great training and opportunities.