Business Person of the Year


John Bassous

Tierra Verde Builders

John Bassous is the Owner of Tierra Verde Builders and is so supportive of the VACTE Construction CTE Program. His company has been a gracious donor and sponsor of several CTE Programs in the Verde Valley and Sedona for over 25 years. John served on the VACTE Construction Technology Program Advisory Council from its inception three years ago. He is an active member of the advisory board and a member of the Construction Committee to start the Construction Education Program and Internship. The Internship Program allows students to go to the construction sites and work with supervisors to get hands on experiences. His company also employs them at a higher wage if they have received industry certifications.

VACTE is very appreciative of the equipment that Tierra Verde has donated. Mr. Bassous has donated money for VACTE Skills/USA Competitions and hands on projects. He is also a former teacher/administrator in public and private education. He understands standards in CTE Construction and has served on the Construction Standards Review Committee the last two years. He also assists the teachers at VACTE on possible lesson plans to accomplish the standards. John Bassous is a true Promoter of VACTE CTE and always acknowledges the accomplishments with town leaders in the Verde Valley and Sedona.