ACTEAZ Executive Citation


Chris Thomas

Arizona School Boards Assoc.

The ACTEAZ Executive Citation Award is given to a person who has been of extraordinary service to the association.

Chris Thomas has been a friend to ACTEAZ for over twenty years serving as a presenter for many sessions at the Mid-Winter Conference and as a Keynote. Chris has been a presenter for our ACTEAZ Board of Directors and has done over 15 years of presentations at our ACTE Summer Conference sharing information about laws passed in our state regarding education. During his senior year in high school, Chris Thomas was also a student in CTE Cooperative Education.

Mr. Thomas has been a member of the State Bar of Arizona since 1995; serves as Director of the Arizona Council of School Attorneys and the state affiliate of the National School Boards Association Council of School Attorneys. Mr. Thomas served as a member of the Board of Directors of the National School Boards Association and Council of School Attorneys Board of Directors and served as Chair of both the NSBA State Association Counsel and Policy Services work groups. He is a former member of the Rodel Charitable Advisory Board and the Career Ladder Oversight Board. Chris Thomas served on the Madison Elementary School District Governing Board in Phoenix serving as Board President. Chris Thomas’s presentations to our ACTEAZ Board of Directors on Non-Profit guidelines assist our association.