Advocacy Contact Form

If you are not involved in CTE advocacy, who will be? CTE educators, CTE students and CTE parents are the best voices of CTE.

The purpose of the form below is to create an ACTEAZ Advocacy Contact System. In the event that action is needed to impact potential legislation or policy affecting CTE, we would enact the ACTEAZ Advocacy Contact System. In order to create this Advocacy Contact System, ACTEAZ is gathering personal contact information on ACTEAZ Members. School e-mail or phone numbers cannot be utilized for the purposes of advocating.

By providing this information, you will be placed on the ACTEAZ Advocacy Contact List. When an issue is pertinent to CTE at the State or Federal levels you will receive an e-mail which will provide information on the issue and how you can react, if you choose. Sample e-mails to legislators will be provided as well as their contact information. Your information will not be sold to anyone.

Thank you for participating in our advocacy effort! Your participation is important for the continued expansion of CTE throughout the State of Arizona. One person can make a difference!