There are several ways to become a CTE Teacher. Listed below are the certification options for a 3-year Provisional CTE Certificate or a Standard Specialized CTE Certificate. For complete details, visit the Arizona Department of Education’s website.

View appropriate areas of specialty here.

3-year Provisional CTE Certificate

Option A

Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Degree in Content Area

EXAMPLE: A person with a college degree in an area like Business (at least 30 semester hours in business classes) and 240 hours of work experience

Option B

Valid non-CTE Arizona Teaching Certificate or an Arizona CTE Teaching Certificate in another content area

EXAMPLE: A person already is a teacher (maybe Science or English) has been successfully evaluated. Must have 3 semester hours of a CTE methods class or a class in the area they plan to teach in (agriculture) and 240 hours of experience in the related field they plan to teach

Option C

Business and Industry Professional

EXAMPLE: A person has 6000 clock hours of verified professional experience in the field in which they plan to teach

Option D

Valid Teaching Certificate in CTE from another state

EXAMPLE: A person comes from another state and is certified to teach CTE in that state

Option E

Bachelor’s Degree in Content Specific Education Preparation Program

EXAMPLE: A person who completes an Education program specific to their career area such as an Agriculture Teacher preparation program at a university

Standard Specialized CTE Certificate

Requirements for Standard Specialized CTE Certificate
  1. Demonstration of expertise in specialized area according to one of the following options below:
  2. Completed Application for Certification
  3. Appropriate Fee (See Application for Certification)
  4. A photocopy of your valid Arizona Department of Public Safety Identity Verified Prints (IVP) fingerprint card (plastic) (See DPS Website)
  5. Verification of five years of work experience in an approved specialized occupation area. Please submit an official letter or a Verification of CTE employment form, signed by a current or former supervisor or a district superintendent, verifying five years of specialized occupational experience and specifying your job title and duties. If you were self-employed, a letter from your accountant or attorney may also be accepted.

Option A

Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Degree in Specialized Area

Option B

A Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Degree AND twenty four (24) semester hours of coursework in Specialized Area

Option C

An Associate’s Degree in Specialized Area

Option D

An industry certification, license, or credential in an specialized area, approved by the appropriate Department of Education CTE Program Specialist or CTE Program Services Director.

A photocopy of the certificate, license, or credential is required.

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